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The Harry Potter play titled “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is set to open in London next summer. The play is the official eighth story of the Harry Potter series, written by Jack Thorne and directed by Olivier and Tony award-winner John Tiffany, the play is a brand new story written in collaboration with J.K. Rowling. The cursed child is one of Harry Potter’s sons and this is to take place during Harry’s adulthood. This week they announced the cast members of the play and the internets are on fire because Hermione will be played by a black woman, Noma Dumezweni.

Let’s go back to the book. Rowling never stated any description of Hermione’s background. The only real description was of  her hair. And even if she had, who cares. Because J.K. Rowling doesn’t, and it’s her piece of work, so why should you?

We are lucky to even have a sequel here. (Although it’s a play and not a movie.) Either way, Rowling had stated ages ago that she wasn’t going to add to the Harry Potter evolution and we’ve been lucky to get the morsels that we have received through Pottermore, and this play is an added bonus. BLESSED. We could still be re-reading the Sorcerer’s stone and hoping we missed something.

I won’t admit I do this.



That being said, let’s move on to more important thoughts on this play. Why is this child cursed? What is Potter going to do about it? How can I get to England to watch this? Why can’t I win a ticket, flight, and hotel stay, to go see it, once it’s playing? Can we get a world tour on board?

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Source: Pottermore // Harry Potter and the Cursed Child official Site

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