5 Books For Those That Like A Little Dragon with their YA

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5 Books For Those That Like A Little Dragon with their YA

Dragon History

Dragons have always been associated with fantasy. We can trace the origin of fascination with dragons back to the Bible, Greek myth, and Asian history. There seems to be little proof as to where the idea of dragons originated, but historians have discovered some fascinating guestimations. The most obvious link to dragons are the reptiles that so closely resemble them. Animals like the Komodo dragon, crocodiles, alligators, and serpents, seem to resemble mini versions that don’t have wings. And once dinosaur bones were unearthed, the logical explanation for these massive bones was to conclude that dragons once existed.

Dragons were as much a part of our history in a real way as they are a part of fictional literature.  Now that we know that they never existed, Dragon’s have become more a part of the fantasy element. Fairy tales have dragons that guard treasure or serve as the final obstacle of the hero’s quest. the word dragon has almost become synonymous with fantasy.

The Dragon’s symbolism has also changed drastically through the years.  The meaning of a dragon, depending on the type of writing, can allude to wisdom, power, divinity, and evil. Today dragons are still appearing in the most modern of fantasy stories.




With young adult fiction becoming so popular with teenagers and adults, there has been a rise in the appearance of the flying fantastical reptile.

Here are 5 young Adult books that feature the Dragon:

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