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My name is Erica 

I’m a Latina blogger/writer, that lives in New York City.

To the world, I’m a makeup-obsessed girl that loves pink, everything that sparkles, and fashion. But I have the attention span of a fly, so I like to be entertained by anything equivalent to amazing. As a kid, I tried to play with dolls and barbies, and although my imagination was expansive, it bored me.

At the age of six, I had my first Nintendo. Super Mario Bros. was life. The first movie that made me cry was Terminator 2. I couldn’t take watching Arnold Schwarzenegger being dipped into that molten metal pool. Before I even reached high school, I had ditched my YA horror books and started looking for ways to sneakily read Stephen King novels.

This is my place to write and bond with everyone that can relate to my love for fantasy, YA, cars, video games, and just everything that won’t bore you to tears.

Speak to me guys! I love to chat 🙂

Why Fabulously Entertaining?

I chose the word “Fabulous” because of Sex and the City. The show is my mantra and Carrie Bradshaw is my idol. Every time Carrie is doubting herself and feeling unsure, she would ask Samantha what she thought: How do I look? What do you think? No matter what insecurity was consuming her, Samantha would always reply, “You’re Fabulous.”

I’m fabulous, if you didn’t know.

What kind of entertainment is covered?

I like anything that’s interesting. DUH! I do have a slight tendency to lean towards anything that deals with fantasy, horror, and superheroes. If I had to classify the niche it would be somewhere between nerd and geekdom. But I am very open to watching, viewing, or reading just about anything. And don’t forget that I’m an avid supporter of fandoms: Harry Potter, Disney, Game of Thrones, and the Walking Dead.

Favorite Book Genres:  Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, YA, Fiction, Horror.

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Magazines, Xbox 360, PS3, Pubs, Movies, traveling.

Things I Like: American Horror Story Series, Italian Food, Wine, Liquid Eyeliner, Everything J.K. Rowling, Jon Snow, Everything Harry Potter, Cotton Candy, Accessories, Zombies, Amusement parks, Leather, Acting, SNL, CSI, Game of Thrones, Sprinkles Cupcakes.


Work with Me

I’m a writer, influencer, and content creator with a BA in English – Creative Writing and a background in public relations. My writing experience includes article and blog writing, social media content creation, and press releases. I’ve worked with a range of brands and have reported from events and conferences. I was also honored with the 2015 Damas de Lincoln award for entrepreneurship.

I have two blogs. Here’s a link to my fashion and beauty blog: Mustbefabulous.com

For  brands, sponsored posts, and business inquiries: fabulouslyentertaining@gmail.com
Writing Opportunities: ericamarieny@gmail.com
My Portfolio: Contently Writing Portfolio
Linkedin: Erica M.



I want to meet the movie fanatics, car aficionados, bookworms, and gamers of the world.

So, please introduce yourself.
Don’t know what you should talk about? Here are a few links to blog posts on topics I cover:

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